Management of the Guy Dessauges fine art archive.


World Architects

Founder and board member of a company that provides online platforms for contemporary architects. MORE



Showcasing Bollywood
movie posters by
Artist Balkrishna L. Vaidya. MORE


Mykonos House

Maintenance and preservation of a traditional cycladic house.


Demarmels Architect

Documentation and archive of the work of Hans Demarmels architect
(1931 - 2010) MORE

Hans Demarmels

Ausstellungsstrasse 25

8005 Zürich



Hans Demarmels

"I grew up in a sculptural concrete house that my father designed in the 1960s. It developed my appreciation of quality in architecture and its impact on the built environment. After working for many years in international advertising agencies, I focused my communication skills on the field of architecture and founded a publishing company that connects architects with their clients and related disciplines. It soon became one of the largest online networks for contemporary architects in the world. Twenty years later, I handed over the company to my managers, remaining involved as a member of  the board of directors. I am now based in Zurich, Greece and New York, and continue to work on a variety of projects in the field of Architecture, Art and Culture."